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Crewood Common Rd
Kingsley, WA6 8HT
United Kingdom

01928 788 020

Welcome to happy beef, a family business in Cheshire with two simple goals; to look after our cows, and make sure that our grass-fed beef tastes great! Our cows are only fed with grass, which provides them with 100% of their needed nutrients, 100% of the time. We love to have visitors and we are always happy for you to meet the herd. Please feel free to stop by and say hello.


Everything we currently have in stock.

All our yummy beef is hand-cut so weights may vary ever so slightly.

Orders are delivered from frozen and dispatched to you within 48 hours except on Friday/Saturday as our courier doesn’t deliver on weekends. If you need something sooner though please call us and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Ribs on the bone


Ribs on the bone

from 108.80

Perfect for a family roast!

We love this one! A prime cut of grass-fed beef we leave on the bone for incredible flavour. When cooked the marbling caramelises to give a succulent and juicy taste.

You can also use the bones afterwards to make a lovely bone broth!

If you have any questions about the cuts or cows, we’ll be more than glad to help - just get in touch! 

£32.00 per kg.

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